CPL Summer Event 2001

July 1st  12:55pm thru 1:21pm

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Some final QW matches1.JPG
Some final QW matches1
Some final QW matches2.JPG
Some final QW matches2
Some final QW matches3.JPG
Some final QW matches3
QW Tournament finals.JPG
QW Tournament finals
Angel interviews the winning CS team1.JPG
Angel interviews the winning CS team1
Angel interviews the winning CS team2.JPG
Angel interviews the winning CS team2
Karin and Jaye1.JPG
Karin and Jaye1
Karen and Jaye2.JPG
Karen and Jaye2
Netgear man overseeing the network....JPG
Netgear man overseeing the network...
Byoc_37 Tbone.JPG
Byoc_37 Tbone
Daneth and his Case.JPG
Daneth and his Case
Phoebe and Hoby.JPG
Phoebe and Hoby
Byoc_38 Tubby Tubby.JPG
Byoc_38 Tubby Tubby
Bawls bottle.JPG
Bawls bottle

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