These excellent flash movies are not always available from the ninjai website due to the fact the their overwhelming popularity overloads the server and exceeds their bandwidth allocations (i.e. it's expensive to host them).  I have made this little hidden page here for my friends...   don't go telling everyone this is here because I do not want my website hammered either.   Thanks and enjoy!!!

The Teaser trailer (2.2 Meg.)

The Preview (5.1 Meg) The preview is pretty much the same as chapter 1 and redundant so I am taking the link down.

Chapter 1 (5.1 Meg)

Chapter 2 (5.8 Meg)

Chapter 3 (4.6 Meg)

Chapter 4 (3.9 Meg)

Chapter 5 (7.4 Meg)

Chapter 6 (9.3 Meg.)

Chapter 7 (8.3 Meg)

Chapter 8 (16.4 Meg)

Chapter 9 (8.4 Meg)

Chapter 10 (16.1 Meg)

Chapter 11 (18.1 Meg)

Chapter 12 (17.3 Meg)

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