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8-12-2018   Had a great time at Quakecon 2018, made some new friends too.

  Ernesto, me, Ryan. (I think I got the names right. If not email me at guaran@gmail.com I'll fix it)

7-18-2014    Socksta's Asphalt Birthday Cake :)

2-18-2008    Shackers Pilot since all the other links are dead. Yes sorry, you will need to download first then watch.

7-10-2005 Just got home from the Cyberathlete® Extreme Summer Championships 2005. Also posting pics from some previous events, CPL Summer 2002, CPL Winter 2003, and CPL Winter 2004. I promised Angel I would put them up so here they are. :)

GoodBoy and Angel Munoz at the Cyberathlete® Extreme Summer Championships 2005

8-17-2004 Got some pics from the Cyberathlete Extreme World Championship Summer 2004 event, and some from Quakecon2004 here.

GoodBoy and Socksta at Quakecon 2004

8-20-2003 Ok. Got back from Quakecon2003 and had alot of fun and met some people I had known for a long time online in Threewave matches. Got my Quakecon2003 Pics hosted here. Maybe i will get off my butt and get last years pics up.

GoodBoy and FuSiOn at the CPL's Pentium 4 Summer Championship event in July 2002.  We were at Dick's last resort.


12-22-2002  I just got home from the CPL Pentium 4 Winter 2002 event.   Had alot of fun. Reflection Theory played Friday night and Colin actually danced!

12-11-2002  I am working on re-doing all my pic pages..   Going to add all the way back to RazerCPL, and get the SummerCPL and Quakecon2002 pictures up.

7-24-2002     just got home from the CPL....     I will try to get the pics up in a few days. (gimme time to recuperate will ya! :-)

6-21-2002      Well it's about a month till the CPL Pentium 4 summer championship.  It's gonna be soo much fun. I'll be there,  you?

12-20-2001    I got my pics up from the CPL World Championship 2001 event.  If you want to download all of them at once in a zip file click here (90 meg).

8-18-2001    Speer family reunion fun kids don't try this at home.

8-14-2001     I got the Quakecon2001 pics up!  Each page has a link in the corner to download all of that page's pics at once in the full resolution version.  If you want to get all of them in one fell swoop here they are.

8-11-2001     Myself, Fusion, Pinkey, Goahed, Bypass, Mud'dib, Beverly, Hellrazor, Dark One, Baka Ryu, Mullion, Ript, Menos, Socksta, L33CH, NightCrawler, Obs0lete, Mud, LightningCrash, Cr@shb0x, D_Stealth, ChronicPain, Timmy, =K=Reaper,  k_os, IceCold, and 1400 some odd others all converged at Quakecon2001. So far we are having a great time! 

7-30-2001  Pics from B-Villan 7 2001


I went to the CPL summer event June 28th thru July 1st.  Had a blast!  Tons of my pics here.  The pics are 250 to 650 kb each. I don't like crummy compressed pics so I've left them at full resolution.   

Me and Stevie Case at the CPL's Speakeasy.net event in April 2001

Be sure to check out my shoutcast server here  It plays whatever I am listening to, and I leave it playing when I'm gone (requires Winamp).  The Stream is about 11Kb, so if you're on dial-up it's just going to skip (don't bother).  The shoutcast goes down while I am playing online, and might be down if a lot of people are grabbing pics...... 

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